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During the Fall 2008 semester, students formed the first campus-wide student government. This group, envisioned in Antioch University New England’s (AUNE) Strategic Plan and 2006 Social Justice Audit, has two representatives from each of AUNE’s five academic departments.

The Student Government chair sits on AUNE’s President’s Council, which meets monthly with AUNE’s President, Steve Jones, and members of the President’s Cabinet.

Mission Statement

We, the members of the student government of Antioch University New England, in our democratic capacity, provide students a voice in matters pertaining to student welfare, student activities, and student participation in AUNE planning. We are an elected representative body that seeks to preserve a student-centered environment through education and advocacy by challenging ourselves, the student body, and the university.

2013-2014 Activities hosted by AUNE Student Government

In an effort to build community within and between departments, Antioch’s Student Government hosted a guided hike in the White Mountain National Forest with Tom Wessels, Environmental Studies Faculty Emeritus, on November 11, 2013. Tom brought our attention to many splendid ecological and cultural points of interest while guiding us along the 4.5 mile loop that crosses the summits of Welsh and Dickey Mountains, where snow was already accumulating.

Antioch’s Student Government hosted a guided hike in the White Mountain National Forest with Tom Wessels.
AUNE government hosted hike -- looking out from ledge.
AUNE government hosted hike -- descending summit.

Applied Psychology

Jeff Hawkinson, Applied Psychology, AUNEJeff Hawkinson — Jeff is a first year Master’s degree student in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at AUNE. He received his Bachelors of Science degree from Ball State University in Indiana, where he majored in Anthropology and Philosophy. Jeff has held many jobs, including EMT, manager of a horse and goat ranch, martial arts teacher, and medical office manager. He and his wife of 11 years live in Hillsborough, New Hampshire with two very large dogs, and buy large amounts of dog food. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking, and working on his house.

Nerissa Rua - Applied PsychologyNerissa Rua — is a third year student in Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a concentration in Substance Abuse. She was born and raised in Keene, went to Allegheny College for her undergrad where she received a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. She then returned home, worked in a childcare center, and started school at AUNE. As she begins looking for jobs, the things that keep her sane are her dog, spending time with friends doing nothing or a little bit of everything, scrap-booking, and reading things for fun.

Clinical Psychology

Megan LyonsMegan Lyons — is a fourth year student in the Clinical Psychology program at AUNE. She received her Bachelors of Science degree from Northern Michigan University, where she majored in psychology and minored in biology. She went on to work as a manager in a group home for adults and provided in-home therapy for autistic children for a little over a year, and then her drive to continue her education returned. In June of 2010, Megan took on a new life adventure and moved her family from the Midwest to Massachusetts to pursue her doctoral degree at AUNE. She enjoys living in a quintessential New England town and spending her free time exploring all that that East Coast has to offer.

Casey O'KeefeCasey Cragin — is a fourth year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program at AUNE. She received her B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA in 2010, where she majored in Psychology with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Studies. Casey was born, raised, and is still living on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  In her off-time, Casey enjoys yoga, bowling, and those rare moments when she can read for her own enjoyment.


Ana Reiselman, Education, AUNEAna Reiselman — holds a BFA in Theatre from NYU with a minor in Sociology. Since 2005, she has acted professionally in New York and regional theatre. She also has taught drama, art, and ESL for children and adults ranging in age from four to seventy-five in locations as varied as inner-city Brooklyn, NY to suburban Portland, OR. In addition, she is a Holistic Health Counselor, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Ana is thrilled to be at AUNE earning her MEd in Waldorf Education with State Certification and serving in Student Government.

Erica Wilson, EducationErica Wilson — is at Antioch to get her Masters in early childhood and elementary education. Her focus is science and environmental education. Her goal is to figure out how to incorporate more about the environment into education. Before moving to Keene, she spent the last 8 years living in Burlington, VT.  She enjoys hiking, baking, reading, pot-lucks, and exploring new places. She loves the beauty and unique seasonality of northern New England.

Environmental Studies

Marilyn Castriotta, Environmental Science, AUNEMarilyn Castriotta, chair — is a 3rd year Environmental Studies student with a concentration in Conservation Biology. Prior to AUNE, she received a B.S. in Cardiopulmonary Science and an M.S. in Applied Anatomy and Physiology from Boston University. After working in the medical field for ten years, she transitioned to the environmental field. An avid mountain climber with an affinity for the alpine zone, she is passionate about the role of human wellness and empowerment as a core strategy for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation. She is involved in volunteer community service with The Climate Reality Project, Wilderness Heals, and Women Outdoors.

Nikki Sauber - Environmental Studies, AUNENikki Sauber — is a 2nd year Environmental Studies student with a concentration in Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability. She loves hiking and exploring New England forests, cooking with local foods, and cuddling with her dog Maple. Nikki aspires to create positive change in her surroundings by becoming a community organizer around social and environmental justice issues. Her dream is to one day open an organic food/beverage café with a meeting space and an art gallery to support community organizers and artists.

Jenny Wilson, Environmental StudiesJenny Williamson — is a first year Environmental Studies student with a Self Designed concentration. She recently graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A. in Journalism. Her goal is to combine her backgrounds in journalism and marketing with her AUNE experience to effectively communicate the complexities of science to the general public. Jenny runs a social media marketing company and enjoys kayaking, nature photography, volunteering and spending the day at the beach with her wife and two dogs.


Tori Managan - Management, AUNETori (Victoria) Managan — is a first year student in the Management Department at AUNE. She received her B.A. from the University of Vermont in 2010, where she majored in Anthropology and Sociology. Upon completing her undergraduate degree she decided to spend four months backpacking throughout New Zealand and Europe, volunteering on Organic Farms. Returning to the United States, she relocated to Pittsburgh, PA where she became the Sustainability Coordinator for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Tori eventually decided to move back home to Vermont in order to continue her studies. She plans on graduating from AUNE in 2015 with an M.B.A. in Sustainability.

Jenny ZasoJennifer (Jenny) Zaso – is a second year student in the M.B.A. in Sustainability department at AUNE. She received her B.S. in Communications from the State University of New York (SUNY) Fredonia in 2006 and then went on to further her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in fashion merchandising and buying. Upon completing her undergraduate degrees she worked in the fashion industry for French Connection and Victoria’s Secret for six years. For the past two years, she made a career change to the environmental non-profit sector and was the Events Manager for National Audubon Society’s New York State program. Most recently, she has moved to Keene, after living in Brooklyn, NY for eight years to focus on her studies, engage more with the Antioch community and explore New England as a potential new permanent home. She plans on graduating from AUNE in Spring 2014.