Human Development and Diversity

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Using books

  • For information on theories and theorists

    • Look for books by a theorist (as author) — this can be considered your primary source
    • Look for books which talk about a theorist (as subject) if you want to read what others have said about the theorist
  • For books on general cultural/developmental issues

    Subject headings to try:

    • Child development—crosscultural studies
    • Developmental psychology—crosscultural studies
    • Ethnopsychology
    • Families—crosscultural studies
    • Minorities—mental health
    • Ethnic groups—psychology
    • Native Americans; Indians of North America
    • Asian Americans—cultural assimilation
    • Social life and customs
    • Sample titles
      • Cross-cultural research in human development : life span perspectives
      • Ethnocultural aspects of posttraumatic stress disorder
      • Asian/American: historical crossings of a racial frontier
      • The Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas
  • Link to select bibliography of titles


Research databases identify books & journal articles on a particular topic (not just what AUNE Library owns).

  • Academic Search Complete in OhioLINK includes Psychology & Sociology journals.
  • Bibliography of Native North Americans: covers all aspects of native North American culture, history, and life; contains citations for books, essays, journal articles, and government documents of the United States and Canada.
  • PsycBOOKS Full text collection of books published by the APA.
  • PsycINFO: primary psychology database; comprehensive index to literature. Does NOT contain any full text.
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals is a collection full text searchable database of over 400 journals.

Research Tips

  • Use your local library to find cultural and ethnic background information.
  • Get in touch with Cary for help with defining your topic and finding appropriate resources.

These books are in AUNE Library's collection. Check our online catalog for availability.

  • The adolescent: development, relationships, and culture / F. Philip Rice
  • Child and adolescent development / Kelvin L. Seifert, Robert J. Hoffnung
  • Childhood and adolescence: cross-cultural perspectives and applications / edited by Uwe P. Gielen and Jaipaul Roopnarine
  • Children's play in diverse cultures / Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, James E. Johnson, and Frank H. Hooper, editors
  • Cross-cultural differences in perspectives on the self / Virginia Murphy-Berman, and John J. Berman, volume editors
  • Cross-cultural roots of minority child development / edited by Patricia M. Greenfield, Rodney R. Cocking
  • Culture, ethnicity, and mental illness / edited by Albert C. Gaw
  • The developing person through the life span / Kathleen Stassen Berger
  • Developmental psychology in the Soviet Union / Jaan Valsiner
  • Female adolescent development / edited by Max Sugar
  • Girls, self-esteem, and relationships: a perspective on rural and low-income girls / by Demetra M. Rabiecki
  • Handbook of diversity issues in health psychology / edited by Pamela M. Kato and Traci Mann
  • Human development in cultural context: a third world perspective / A. Bame Nsamenang
  • Life-span development: a diversity reader / edited by Richard A. Pierce, Michael A. Black
  • Lifespan development in context: voices and perspectives / David N. Sattler ... [et al.]
  • New dimensions in adult development / Robert A. Nemiroff and Calvin A. Colarusso, editors
  • New perspectives on racial identity development: a theoretical and practical anthology / edited by Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe and Bailey W. Jackson III
  • Normal child and adolescent development / Ralph Gemelli
  • Readings on the development of children / edited by Mary Gauvain, Michael Cole
  • Relational theory in a South Asian context: an example of the dynamics of identity development / Lisa Desai
  • Theories of development: concepts and applications / Willian Crain